We update you quarterly with restaurant resources that can easily be co-branded and delivered to your clients.  This allows you to save time and improve your frequency of interactions with your clients.  We are a true business partner and are always looking for new ways to help improve your clients bottom line.   Below is a small sampling of resources, but many other resources are available for your policyholders.  Please call us to get access to these resources and more.

We support you in providing more value to your clients while reducing claims.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Online Safety Newsletter – Monthly Updates
  • Online Safety Resources Library
  • Custom Safety Posters
  • Custom Safety Training
  • HR Policy Samples and Guidance – Related To Safety
  • Floor Safety Resources
  • Fire Prevention Resources
  • Safety Product Guidance and Catalog
  • Custom Safety Videos
  • Employment Practice Training/Videos
  • And More

Partnership With Your Clients

As part of our solution, we will work closely with your clients to understand their business and develop custom safety solution.  Our goal is to keep your customers employee’s/customers safer resulting in lower claims and lower long-term insurance costs.

Loss Control Services

We will assign a Loss Consultant(s) which will work with your agency to provide value to your clients. As you know, the “best run” restaurants benefit from the best property and liability insurance prices.

Safety Web Site

We have put together custom web sites for various concepts to help them run the very best stores.  The web site serves as a repository for the first class safety resources we will customize for your specific brand while also communicating directly to managers as new information becomes available.  We can customize the solution to you company’s needs in order to align for maximum benefit.  The resources include information on safety related to Workers Compensation, Property, Liability, Employment Practices, Crime, and Network Security and more.  These resources will help you bring awareness to safety while helping you run the most profitable stores.

Safety Video Services

We have a custom Quick Service Restaurant Managers Safety Training related to various classes of business like Workers Compensation.  We pair this to align with a Managers Safety Book mentioned above.  This saves countless hours of a trainer’s time and ensures the message is consistent.  You will be provided initially with a Training Kit per store and more can be provided at no cost upon request.  With your permission, we can even re brand these.  We can even pair this with a Safety Test to be completed and stored in the manager’s personnel file.  In addition, we have a film production company which can help us develop other custom videos related to safety at our expense.


We are exclusively focused on restaurants which allows us to be the best insurance partner.  Through our strategic partnership, significant investment, technology solutions, and exceptional service team your restaurant clients will profit while strengthening their brand and your reputation as the best insurance partner.